January 20, 2021
Here’s an issue only a few folks may come across, but we’re sharing the info...

Here’s an issue only a few folks may come across, but we’re sharing the info just in case. If you own a Nest Hub Max, as well as a Nest x Yale smart lock, this is for you.

For those enrolled in the software preview program for the Nest Hub Max, Google is advising that a new software update is breaking your Nest x Yale lock’s connection to the internet. How does this affect users? For one, they won’t be able to use their apps to unlock the lock, and in addition, guest codes may stop working properly. Basically, your smart lock becomes a dumb lock. Google states this is happening because the update is forcing some units to connect to the Hub Max for its internet connection.

Google doesn’t state exactly how many people are coming across the issue, but here we are.

How to Fix the Issue

On the upside, there is a fix, but it’s so simple you may feel silly: Leave the software Preview Program.

Google says that if you simply leave the Preview Program, the public build of the Nest Hub Max’s software will hit your device within a day and should fix the problem. Alternatively, you can unplug the Nest Hub Max and plug it back in to trigger the software update manually.

Here’s the message Google is sending out to those potentially affected.

We’re reaching out to let you know about a potential issue with your Nest x Yale Lock.

You’re part of the preview program for Nest Hub Max, which gives you early access to new software and features. We’ve discovered an issue in the latest preview program update for Nest Hub Max that may impact your Nest x Yale Lock.

Your Nest Hub Max is designed to connect certain smart home devices to your Wi-Fi network. However, due to an issue in the latest update to the preview program, if your Nest x Yale Lock is using your Nest Hub Max for Wi-Fi connectivity, your device may not be able to connect to the internet.

Those gosh darn Preview Programs, man.

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